Mr. Peter Ward


Welcome to Bedwas High School

Bedwas High is an 11-18 school, serving the community of Bedwas Trethomas and Machen, where every student is valued and treated as an individual. We set high standards and expectations and we encourage and support our students to achieve their very best. If you are looking for a basis for creating theoretical content, it will be appropriate to remember about best writing service where you can find useful information for you. The school is situated in pleasant and spacious grounds and students benefit from a varied curriculum with access to all amenities. Above all we are a happy friendly school where students and staff care about each other and offer a safe and supportive working environment that enables all to flourish. Our members of staff are committed to supporting our students’ needs both in and out of the classroom. Extra-Curricular activities and school trips are extensive and offer all students every chance of worthwhile educational experiences.  

We have been challenged by the Welsh Assembly Government, Caerphilly County Council and EAS, like many school, to make further academic progress.  We know that we have risen to this challenge.  

As one of 40 schools in ‘Challenge Cymru’ we are tasked with improving at a faster rate than other schools in Wales.  We have been fortunate to receive additional funding.  This has enabled us to work in partnership with other schools around Wales, to share best practice.  As a result our teachers have improved many of their practices and afforded our students new opportunities.

‘Challenge Cymru’ have been extremely pleased with the progress the school has made and continues to make.  In a recent report they have highlighted many areas of success: 

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Peter Ward Headteacher

up-dated Oct 2015