Pupil Academic Support

Academic Support provides a personal and practical approach to academic study and opportunities for our pupils to develop their learning strategies. We aim to support our pupils within our school by providing access arrangements, learning mentor, homework club, and additional revision sessions after school and during half term, along withdrawal from lessons for those pupils who may be experiencing difficulties. For example, you can seek help from special services, where you can buy custom college essays, which will be written for all your preferences and the desired format. Thus, there is a concrete example of what the task should look like, and the next time the student is much easier to navigate. We also provide support for students with dyslexia, and other specific learning difficulties.


Study and revision clubs are organised by each department and these provide extra help throughout the year. These study and revision clubs are organised more often as pupils prepare for public exams.


In addition a homework club runs Monday to Friday 7.45 to 8.30, lunch time 12:50 to 13:30


Our Learning Coaches also run academic support for pupils on Monday and Thursday from 3 to 5 pm. This is called Club 325 and is aimed at improving pupils learning. 


There are increasingly new demands / expectations on pupils at GCSE level, some of which may cause anxiety.

These demands are likely to include:

  • Being more SELF-MOTIVATED and taking more RESPONSIBILITY for their own learning

  • ASKING FOR HELP when they are unsure – this requires CONFIDENCE and can be difficult at times

  • Developing their ABILITY TO OVERCOME FRUSTRATIONS, and strategies for PERSISTING even when they find the material challenging

  • ORGANISING themselves, notes, handouts and information for different subjects

  • Completing more work at home, INDEPENDENTLY


  • UNDERSTANDING THE EXAM STRUCTURE and the IMPORTANCE of each piece of work to their final grade

  • PLANNING for controlled assessments and for carrying out their revision


    As a school we appreciate that there are four ways that our pupils learn: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and read/write. We will help every pupil to succeed according to their needs and strengths